Posted by: nani (
  Date: Monday, March 10, 2003 at 7:54:10 AM
  Subject: my brother moti

 moti,you were,are and always will be my older brother!thank you for spoiling me, &indulging in my whims,i knew i was the favoured one.i will never forget how you used to finish my frozen cokes on monday nights,and the sports car rides you took me on,and when you took me to great world to buy me the record"wedding cake",just 'cause i wanted it.i thank god we had a chance to vacation together after a long time,and also for being together on my b' is thanks to you that we have a wonderful sister-in-law like shobha in our family,along with tara,shabs,resh,justin and zach!i shall always treasure the memories i have of you,love always,nani

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