Posted by: Raj (
  Date: Saturday, March 08, 2003 at 6:20:45 PM
  Subject: Moti Mama

We can all sit here and attempt to aptly describe you, Moti Mama, but the truth is no amount of words will do justice to who you are and what you have done for this world. I thank you and God for being the person that you were. Your spirit will live on through Didi Tara, Didi Shabs and Resh; 3 incredible people whom I proudly call my sisters. No less can be said of your grandson Zack, as his knack for maintaining a constant smile is clearly a tribute to the genes you have passed on.

I have only recently begun to realize how many lessons you have taught me. You are the type of human being that all should strive to be. As your nephew, I was constantly on the receiving end of your innumerable gifts, well wishes and hugs; and only recently did I realize how much I valued spending time with you. After reading others comments on this guestbook, I realize I was not alone in this sentiment. The fact that you are a hero to my own father, whom I have the utmost respect for, demonstrates the sincere capability of a single soul. I will forever miss your "coolness", and while many know you as the "King of Jeans" to your nephews you will always be known as a "King."

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