Posted by: Samit Nathirmal (
  Date: Friday, March 07, 2003 at 9:00:12 AM
  Subject: My Mentor

 Dearest Shobha Mami, Resham, Didi Tara, and Didi Shabnam,

You are all in my prayers and my heart and love goes out to all of you. I don’t think words exist to describe loss, but one too many to describe what we have gained from being blessed and lucky to have known your husband, your father, my uncle. Moti Mama has left a legacy of how one should live their life, and I have the utmost respect for how he has impacted the lives of so many in the most saintly of ways. I will truly miss you Moti Mama, and I thank you for leaving behind an example of how once should live. If anyone could have such an impact on a fraction of the people that you have had, they should be so lucky. You are my one and only mentor.

Resham, I wanted to share this with you especially:

When I think of your father, there are several words that come to mind: Compassionate, Sincere, Great, Humble, but there is one word that has been resonating in my mind for days: ‘Cool’, a man that from 30 feet away could identify whether one was wearing a pair of Levi’s or not. A man who when I was 13 or 14 saw me in the kitchen in the middle of the night coming back from an outing saying ‘home so early, next time I’ll show you kids how to party.’ –Partying, and setting trends in Heaven we all know he is.



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