Posted by: DR K.N.Singh (
  Date: Thursday, March 06, 2003 at 4:23:27 PM
  Subject: Moti my Friend!

 Dear Tara,

I am saddened to hear of the passing of a dear friend who had a great journey through life.
I had the priviledge of sharing a few steps with him in Rotary and in Glasgow during the RI Convention.
He has left a MArk in Rotary and in Singapore and his pride and joy was you Tara.
He told me many times how proud he was of you and how you took over the family business with dedication and compassion.

I had many a time thought of visiting him, it was not to be. A few Devali's ago he was exhausted with the inumerable friends that he has visiting him.

May his soul rest in peace and it is good to know that one day I will be meeting him again with the Good Lord!

It is difficult to write a condolence for a dear friend and all I can say that knowing Moti for such a short time, I could gather that he would like us to remember him as he was when he was active and had time for everyone! He is still there on the other side of the curtain smiling and watching us carry on with the journey eager to reach a destination but litte knowing that the destination is not important, it is the journey that counts.

Yours in Sympathy

Dr K.N.Singh

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