Posted by: Fira Basuki (
  Date: Thursday, March 06, 2003 at 9:27:40 AM
  Subject: Simple Things

 Although I have told the family about this simple story, but I feel that I must share it with others.

I am a correspondent writer/ journalist. I saw Mr. Melwani many times at the parties or events. I noticed that he always smiled and said hi to others. Even, to me, as a stranger, he did no different. In fact, one even, a Hugo Boss fashion show I believe, I needed to write something, but my pen wasn't working. I was busy trying to make my pen working again. He looked at me and right away saying, "You can use my pen for a while."
I was like "Wow!". I didn't even expect a man like him would lend me his nice pen.

Mr. Moti Melwani was truly a nice man. I didn't say I knew him, but I can feel that he is sincere and always think of others. All simple things in his life came naturally. From his hearts. Rest in peace, Mr. Melwani.

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