Posted by: Andrew & Donna Hoppe (
  Date: Thursday, March 06, 2003 at 6:24:23 AM
  Subject: The Passing of one of the world's true Gentlemen

 Our thoughts and prayers are with the Melwani family at this time.

We have had a long history with Shabnam especially - when we first moved to Singapore, we lived around the corner from the Melwanis, and Shabnam offered us a ride with her to work at MTV together.

We worked together closely at MTV, and would always look forward to the Melwani's annual Diwali celebrations.

Donna and I did not know Moti that well, apart from seeing him as the generous host at his home, but if there is any truth that your children are a reflection of the person you are, and the values you stand for, then Moti must be a proud man, looking down upon his beautiful family.

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