Posted by: Perlita Tiro, Rotary Club of Singapore/Tiro Consulting Services (
  Date: Monday, April 14, 2003 at 8:03:54 PM
  Subject: Moti Melwani - An Extraordinary Man with Ordinary Behaviour

 Moti was an extraordinary man who accomplished so much in both his business and personal life, and yet he was an ordinary man in his behaviour to everyone. Despite his achievements, his success, his wealth, he was always easy to talk to, wore a ready smile in his face, accommodating, willing to help, like an ordinary man with no air whatsoever. Certainly a man who will never be forgotten. You will always be in our thoughts and our prayers. Shobha & family, Bhagwan - my deepest sympathies on your loss, but his fond memories will serve as a consolation to you .

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